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World Enough and Time (2013 & 2014)

Dalston Bunker - 9th - 13th July 2013 (scratch week)
Park Theatre - 19th March - 13th April 2014

World Enough and Time was written by Sarah Sigal who workshopped and developed the piece alongside the company over a period on months doing scratch performances first at The Drayton Arms Theatre followed by a week at The Dalston Bunker and finally taking part in Park Theatres first Script Accelerator Program culminating in the premiere of the final piece perfuming for 4 weeks at Park Theatre in 2014.

2014. Celia appears to be the woman who has it all; high-flying career, financial security and a picture perfect family, but then a friend from her past appears on her doorstep and suddenly the certainties of her perfect life start to crumble...

1936. Pamela, a journalist, is assigned to interview little-known American socialite Wallace Simpson. What starts as piece on cocktails and couture becomes more dangerous when she meets Charlie, an MI5 agent monitoring the relationships between Simpson, the Prince of Wales and German Chancellor Adolf Hitler...

1647. With the men of the village away fighting, Lady Anne's Royalist household is struggling to survive the winter with Cromwell's Army bearing down on them. When Joan, Anne's illegitimate half-sister and suspected witch, shows up on her doorstep looking for protection, Anne is faced with a terrible choice...

World Enough and Time interweaves these three stories in a provocative new play about women's lives in political landscapes.

"brilliant to see more chunky parts for women to sink their teeth into." What's on Stage

"intelligent, witty, thought-provoking theatre - easily the best example of new writing I've seen at the Park." The Stage

"World Enough and Time takes on the cause of women throughout history in a way that is both complex and non-polemical." What's Peen Seen

"Justin Audibert's direction is clean and simplistic, and Sarah Sigal's script manages to insightfully politicise the women involved without reducing them to mouthpieces." What's Peen Seen

"The production is extremely watchable and thought-provoking with convincing performances throughout" Plays to See

"the writing and the concept are refreshingly to the point." Arts Desk

"fantastically muscular characters" Arts Desk

Cast and Crew:

Written by Sarah Sigal
Directed by Justin Audibert

Celia/Anne - Jess Murphy
Lucy/Joan - Katie Bonna
Pamela - Rebecca Dunn
Meg/Katrina - Yvonne Riley
Bess/Tamara - Sarah Kameela Impey

Designer - Lily Arnold
Lighting Designer - Joshua Pharo
Sound Designer - Mark Webber
Casting Director - Emily Jones
Production Manager - Timothy Peacock
Assistant Director - Rebecca Hill
Assistant Designer - Anna Reid
Stage Manager - Bethany Roberts
ASM - Patrizia Stiegler and Megan Williams
Assistant Producer - Miyuki Kasahara Fernandez
Production and rehearsal photography - Karla Gowlett
Flyer Design - Lily Arnold and Terry Bright

Cast and Crew for Scratch Performance:

Directed by Helen Tennison

Celia - Fiona Putnam
Lady Anne - Morag Cross
Lucy/Joan - Holly McLay
Pamela - Rebecca Dunn
Meg Katrina - Yvonne Riley
Bess/Shop Girl/Journalist - Clare Fraenkel
Molly/Jenny - Alexa Matthews

Set Designer - Hannah Mills
Costume Design - Hannah Spearing
Lighting Designer - Mark Webber
Sound Designer - Harry Christopher
Music - Alex Scott
Casting Director - Emily Jones
Stage Manager - Zoe Dowler
Production Photography - Andy Barker
Flyer Design - Katherine Webb and Adam Bright